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Wetlook DVD 019   
Price:   39.00USD
Item-No.:   wet-dvd-019
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Wetlook DVD 019
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Wetlook DVD 019

HD-Videos on DVD - 16:9 Format

bonus material:
- Trailer 2:00 minutes
- Picture-Slide-Show 5:30 minutes

1) River Fun 
Mandy and Kaitlin are spending her hot vacation day at the river. There is a rope swing into the river. Mandy tries it first in her tight dark blue jeans and neon pink top and high-heels. She pulls in the rope and swings herself with a small run-up over the river bank. Whow! That's fun! :-) There are filmed from 2 different angles: one camera is fixed on the rope above their heads and the other camera films them fooling around. There are great slow-motions of every jump and fall into the water! Now it's Kaitlins turn. She also gathers her breath and takes a small run-up in her light blue Miss 60 jeans and her high-heeled boots to swing into the river. Splash! Then the girls need to swim out of the water again and climb up a steep shore to do it again! The girls take turns. Later both take off their high-heels and Mandy continues barfeet and Kaitlin in white socks. They have a blast and enjoy themselve a lot! The last jump they do together ....!

- jeans, brown top and high-heels
- with some nice slow-motions
- the original sound mixed with music

2) Wetlook Business 2  
Morgan is working on her notebook when she gets an important call. It's excellent and dazzling news. Morgan is so happy! Still smiling she slowly steps into the shower - in her complete business outfit: grey dress pants, white satin blouse, high-heels and purse. Maybe the cool down is now exactly what she needs ...


- grey dress pants, white satin blouse, high-heels and purse
- beautiful wetlook scenes in the shower
- with some nice slow-motions
- the original sound mixed with music

3) Wetlook in Leather 4 
"Finally I have the chance again to go fully clothed into a nice pool! I wear a black Miss Sixty synthetic leather pants, white pants and high-heels. I love it to playfully get my clothes slowly wet. My heels are dangling in the water, then my pants gets wet and the water pearls off and leaves a great shine. I spray some water on my top and see how it gets wet. And inbetween I always step out of the pool again to see my outfit shining and dripping all over and take advantage of this great opportunity to swim and dive a lot!" -Michelle

NEW: This wetlook video has improved sound quality, even with the use of the underwater housing !!!

- black Miss Sixty synthetic leather pants, white top and high-heels
- beautiful wetlook scenes in the pool
- with some nice slow-motions
- great underwater scenes
- the original sound mixed with music (with improved sound quality !!!)

4) Scrubs Shower 
Laura comes home from a very exhausting work day in the hospital. Without further ado she directly steps into the shower. She still wears her srubs: pink shirt and pants and black ballet flats. Now she just wants to wash off this awful day. But to savor her shower to the fullest, she celebrates it slowly and extensive!!! And of course she also washs her hair and on this occasion also her clothes. Finally she enjoys a bath in the jacuzzi with lots of foam ...


- pink scrubs and ballet flats
- beautiful wetlook scenes in the shower and jacuzzi
- the original sound, NO music
- NO slow-motions

5) Car Wash in Jeans 2 
Tracy wears a Miss Sixty jeans, a long-sleeved brown top and high-heels. Her Corvette really needs a loving hand wash. Equipped with a bucket of soaped water and a big sponge she starts working. Soon her top is sprinkled with water. What a nice cool down in this hot weather. She squeezes out the sponge over her top and her jeans. It is just too hot outside. She likes the cool down and finally she is completely soaking wet ...

- jeans, brown top and high-heels
- the original sound mixed with music

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