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Premium Wetlook videos from our sister site WetlookBeauties are now available here !!!
These beauties wear various types of clothes like tight jeans, leather pants or sport outfits to drench them with in the pool. They swim and dive in dresses and pantyhose or take shower in wet jeans and boots. You will love our quality wetlook videos, filmed on high end locations.
To give you an example, please click here to watch our preview Video:
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 Wetlook by the Waterfall  Wetlook by the Waterfall

12:50min - Wetlook in the Pool

Sherry goes chasing waterfalls and is so much enjoying it!!! And you will too :)
 Wetlook Deluxe  Wetlook Deluxe

13:30min - Wetlook in the Pool

Fawnia steps down into the pool and fully indulges in the cool soothing touches of the pool ...
 Sparkling Pleasure  Sparkling Pleasure

12:15min - Wetlook in the Pool

Tiffany explores the waterfalls and enjoys to let the water wash over her ...
 Wet Leather Outfit 2  Wet Leather Outfit 2

12:00min - Wetlook in the Pool

Tiana drowns her wonderful long dark hair in the water until its also soaking wet like the rest of her outfit ...
 Chilling by the pool  Chilling by the pool

11:20min - Wetlook in the Pool

Katrina starts swimming in her clothes and later playing in the waterfall
 Dripping Wet Fun  Dripping Wet Fun

9:15min - Wetlook in the Pool

Tiana is swimming, diving and having a lot of Dripping Wet Fun in the pool and under the waterfall :-)
 Fashion Model Wetlook  Fashion Model Wetlook

12:00min - Wetlook in the Pool

Katrina walks around the pool like on a catwalk in her tight Miss 60 black leather pants with the matching high-heeled black leather boots and a purple top ...
 Chilling after School  Chilling after School

10:45min - Wetlook in the Pool

Tiffany splashes water on the bottom of her jeans, more and more until the jeans is almost completely wet.
 Wet Jeans & Boots 2  Wet Jeans & Boots 2

11:00min - Wetlook in the Pool

Tiana also often steps out of the pool to admire her wet clothes and the soaking and dripping boots.
 Wet Leggings 2  Wet Leggings 2

11:00min - Wetlook in the Pool

Dayani wears a black shiny leggings, black boots and a short, but long-sleeved yellow top which compliments her toned figure perfectly!
 Relaxing by the Pool  Relaxing by the Pool

13:30min - Wetlook in the Pool

Nicole is having lots of fun in the pool. Dancing under the waterfalls, swimming and diving (with great underwater scenes!).
 Cute Blonde gets wet  Cute Blonde gets wet

14:00min - Wetlook in the Pool

Emilia is swimming and diving, playing with the waterfalls and enjoying herself! Its a pleasure to watch her!
 Autumn Day  Autumn Day

10:20min - Wetlook in the Pool in Jeans Outfit

Dayani swims and dives in the pool and also plays with the beautiful waterfalls (great underwater footage!)
 Wetlook Oasis  Wetlook Oasis

13:00min - Wetlook in the Pool in Jeans Outfit

Nicole urges to go into the nice water, enjoy the waterfalls and swim under the palm trees ...
 Dripping Denim 2  Dripping Denim 2

11:30min - Wetlook in the Pool in Jeans Outfit

Leah loves to see the little waterfalls running down her wet jeans outfit and her beautiful long hair ...
 Wetlook Time  Wetlook Time

14:45min - Wetlook in the Pool

Heather is wearing a black skirt, red top, black jacket and red leather boots and enjoys swimming and diving in the water :)
 Tight, Shiny & Wet  Tight, Shiny & Wet

15:00min - Wetlook in the Pool, Leather /Spandex Outfit

Sarah wears a tight leather style black legging, a black spandex top and leather jacket. And she wants to get the whole outfit completely soaking wet!
 Sporty Long-Haired Beauty  Sporty Long-Haired Beauty

14:30min - Wetlook in the Pool, Sports Outfit

Leah swims, dives and let the little waterfall at the pool run through her long dark hair, which is floating around her in the water
 Wet Jeans & Boots  Wet Jeans & Boots

13:00min - Wetlook in the Pool, Jeans

Its so great to watch, how Heather's tight light-colored Lewis Jeans slowly gets wet and changes to a darker color
 Wet Leather, Heels & Stockings  Wet Leather, Heels & Stockings

15:00min - Wetlook in the Pool with Leather Jacket and Leather Skirt

Sarah is teasing us with getting her great leather business suit and the nice leather pumps and stockings all wet and ruined.
 Displaying 1 to 20 (of 42 products)   Result Pages:  1  2  3  [Next >>]  
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