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Wetlook DVD 015   
Price:   39.00USD
Item-No.:   wet-dvd-015
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Wetlook DVD 015
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Wetlook DVD 015

HD-Videos on DVD - 16:9 Format

bonus material:
- Trailer 2:00 minutes
- Picture-Slide-Show 5:30 minutes

1) Soaking Wet Jeans Overall 
Jana is dressed in a blue, tight jeans overall this time with beige Buffalo boots. She is looking forward to get it wet. Slowly she is circling around the pool and playing with her boots in the water. She sits down on the edge of the pool, dripping water on her clothes with her hands. The ligth blue jeans overall looks great when getting wet: it gets dark and shiny. Then Jana lies down on the steps of the pool, partially in water, and enjoying getting her jeans wet. After some time she is completley wet and starts swimming in the deeper water. She often steps out of the pool again to admire her beautiful dripping wet clothes ...


- jeans overall and beige buffalo boots
- beautiful wetlook scenes in the pool
- with some nice slow-motions
- the original sound mixed with music

2) Wet Pantyhose Special 
Part 1:
Our new model Amber wears a nude pantyhose, black tight skirt, black blouse, red corset and red high-heeled boots. Amber is going to shower the first time fully clothed - especially for us. Slowly she starts showering first her boots, the pantyhose, the skirt and finally the blouse. She enjoys it! Later she takes off the corset and unbuttons the blouse. Then she slowly takes off the boots and enjoys the warm water on her legs and feet. Finally she also uses shampoo for her wet hair and on her dripping wet shiny black clothes ...


Part 2:
For this part Amber wears a black pantyhose, beautiful glittering lingerie, a summer dress and high-heels. This time, too, she starts her wet shower experience slowly bottom-up. First she wets the new high-heels, the pantyhose and then the dress. The dress gets see through and you can easily see the beautiful lingerie beneath. Amber showers elaborately and pleasurably. Also her hair gets soaking wet. To extend her wet experience amber takes off the dress and shoes and shows now her beautiful wet and shiny lingerie ...


- nude pantyhose, black tight skirt, black blouse, red corset and red high-heels boots
- black pantyhose, short dress with silver belt, silver-black lingerie and silver-black high-heels
- beautiful wetlook scenes in the shower
- with great slow-motions
- lot's of close ups of the pantyhose, high heels and feet !!!
- the original sound mixed with music

3) Wetlook Beauties 
For this Wetlook Session Marketa brings her friend Monika with her. Marketa wears jeans, white top and blue high-heels and Monika a pink evening dress with high-heels. They indulge in the water and enjoys getting wet together ...


- light blue Hollister Jeans, turquoise top and turquoise Hunter rubber boots
- beautiful wetlook scenes in the pool
- the original sound mixed with music

4) Brunette Bombshell 
Tina-Marie invites us to watch her first wetlook experience - in the shower with blue Hollister jeans, a white top, white jacket and black high-heels. Of course she is doing is slowly and carefully in order to fully enjoy the experience of her clothes getting wet, warm and tight on her skin. And what wonderful contours the water shows us. Tina-Marie is really a brunette bombshell! The water changes her white top to a sheer and lucent breeze of nothing. Later she also uses soap on her and her clothes and delightfully watches how they get glittery and glossy  ...

Note: Tina-Marie enjoyed that experience so much :-) She told us that the feeling of the wet clothes was so exciting for her that she hopes to do many more Wetlookvideos for us. So if you love to see more of Tina-Marie support her by watching her video ;-)


- Hollister jeans, white top, white jacket and high-heels
- beautiful wetlook scenes in the shower
- with some nice slow-motions
- the original sound mixed with music

5) The Wet Experience 
Eva wears a white Miss Sixty pants, Style: Flare Nixie, a light-blue top and sneakers. She very much enjoys to wet her clothes until they get slowly soaking ... Then she continues her play in the pool, she swims and dives and goes up and down the ladder to admire her wet clothes ...


- Miss Sixty (Flare Nixie), light-blue top and sneakers
- beautiful wetlook scenes in the pool
- great underwater scenes
- with some nice slow-motions
- the original sound mixed with music

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