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Wetlook DVD 012   
Price:   39.00USD
Item-No.:   wet-dvd-012
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Wetlook DVD 012
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Wetlook DVD 012

HD-Videos on DVD - 16:9 Format

bonus material:
- Trailer 2:00 minutes
- Picture-Slide-Show 5:30 minutes

1) Fully Clothed Swimming 
Stefanie wears a light blue Miss Sixty Jeans, top and black Buffalo boots. She can use an entire big indoor swimming pool - only for herself. And she enjoys it! First she slowly goes down the steps into the pool. She swims around a lot and also jumps into the water from a diving board. Here you can see a lot of great underwater scenes and nice slow-motions! Stefanie also steps out of the pool again to admire her wet clothes. Then she plays around with an air mattress ...


- blue Miss 60 Jeans, top and black Buffalo boots
- beautiful wetlook scenes in an big indoor swimming pool
- a lot of nice underwater scenes
- with great slow-motions
- the original water-sound mixed with music

2) Cool down after Workout 2
Joana and Marketa are excersing hard in the fitness studio. Marketa wears a black sports outfit and white sneakers and Joana a grey tight jeans and a pink shirt. Due to the exercise they feel so overheated, that both girls need to cool down. Joana takes her bottle of water and splashs it on her neck and down on her top. Marketa wants to cool down, too. So they please themselves with the cool water on their clothes. To continue their cool down, they are going to the pool and pour more and more water over their sports outfits. Slowly their outfits get more wet until they are soaking. Then they slowly step down the ladder into the water ...


- black sports outfit, grey tight jeans, pink shirt and sneakers
- nice scenes in the gym and at the pool
- the original water-sound mixed with music

3) Wetlook Passion 
Veronika has got a secret passion: she loves it, to wet her clothes! Joyfully she steps slowly down into the pool. Her pink jeans gets a shade darker where its wet. And the cool wet fabric feels so great on her skin. Veronika enjoys it, making her yellow Top more and more wet. She often comes out of the water to see the wet effect on her clothes ...


- pink jeans, yellow top and high-heels
- beautiful wetlook scenes in the pool
- some nice underwater scenes
- the original water-sound mixed with music

4) Wetlook at the Lake 2
Brittany wears a blue jeans and a red top. She is faszinated from the lake and carefully approaches the water. Slowly she steps down to the lake and plays with the water ...


- blue jeans, red top, barefoot
- beautiful wetlook scenes at the lake
- the original water-sound mixed with music

5) Wetlook Evening 
Veronika and Jana wear beautiful evening gowns. Veronika is dressed in a long red gown with red high-heels and Jana wears a black cocktail dress with black stockings and black high-heels. It is an atmospheric evening with a merrily crackling warm fire in the fire place. Veronika and Jana slowly steps down in the pool to celebrate this Wetlook Evening ...


- evening dresses, stockings and high-heels
- beautiful wetlook scenes in the pool
- a lot of nice underwater scenes
- the original water-sound mixed with music

6) Still Waters run deep 
Katerina spends this beautiful summer day at the lake ...


- jeans, white top and high-heels
- beautiful wetlook scenes at the lake
- with great slow-motions
- the original water-sound mixed with music 

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