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Wetlook DVD 006   
Price:   39.00USD
Item-No.:   wet-dvd-006
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Wetlook DVD 006
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Wetlook DVD 006

1) 3 Girls in Wetlook
Jana P., Petra V. and Veronika love to play with water at the pool. Jana is wearing white trousers and a white top with high-heels, Petra pink jogging pants and a pink fleece jacket and Veronika is dressed in patent leather (PVC) with high-heels. The 3 girls are taking pictures of themselves at the pool, pose for the camera and just have fun! They wet each other with water and their clothes start to get wet ... Then they slowly step into the pool - one after the other until they are soaking wet. In the pool the play with the air mattress and also with the beach ball. In the end they step out of the pool again and admire their wet clothes and enjoy them ...


- 3 Models
- patent leather outfit, white trousers + white shirt, pink jogging pants + pink jacket, barefoot and high-heeled sandals
- the original water-sound mixed with music

2) Pool Princess
Petra V. wears a black legging, a white wool dress and black & white sandals with high-heels. She wants to introduce her new outfit with her favorite playground: the pool. In pleasant anticipation she slowly walks to the pool and lounges around the pool edge. Slowly she is wetting her clothes with the cool water. Her wool clothes absorb the water quickly as they were thursty. Petra feels her soaking wet clothes clearly on her skin: wet, cool and soft. Then Petra finally steps into the water and enjoys it to the full ...


- black legging and white wool dress with high-heeled sandals
- beautiful scenes in the pool
- the original water-sound mixed with music

3) Wetlook Pleasures
Jana P. and Veronika are wearing their Miss Sixty pants today: Veronika a white Miss Sixty (Flare Nixie) and Jana a dark blue Miss Sixty Jeans. Both girls wear white tops and high-heels. Jana and Veronika are having a lot of fun, they are laughing and teasing each other with water. They very much enjoy to wet their clothes until they get slowly soaking ... Then the girls continue their play in the pool, going up and down the ladder and admire their wet clothes ...


- white Miss Sixty pants typ Flare Nixie, blue Miss Sixty Jeans Ellah, white tops and high-heels
- beautiful scenes in the pool
- the original water-sound mixed with music

4) Sports & Shower
Iveta has been jogging. Now she is totally sweaty and wants to take a bath. She is wearing pink jogging pants, a white shirt and trainers. Since Iveta is so exhausted, she decides to take the bath fully clothed. First there is only few water in the tub and Iveta is playing in the water and enjoying it. Her jogging outfit is getting slowly wet. Then she is using the shower and makes her clothes really soaking wet until her white top gets completly see through ...


- jogging outfit: pink jogging pants, white shirt, white socks and trainers
- beautiful scenes in the tub
- the original water-sound (no music)

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