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Wet & White   
Price:   16.75USD
Item-No.:   wet-0131
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large: 1.05 GB / medium: 358 MB / iPod: 303 MB

Wet & White

"Wet & White" (14:45 min) High Definition Video

What a glorious day! Everything seems to be perfect! It is Friday, weather is gorgeous as always and it was Joyce last work day before her little vacation. And look at Joyce herself – she is incredible beautiful! And in such a good mood. She just finished work and came to visit a friend – but she is early and now needs to kill some time. In honor of this fabulous day, she pours herself a glass of champagne and explores the spacious pool area of her friends house. Wow, look at this pool! Too bad she didn’t bring a swimsuit. But hey, who cares today? Joyce sits down beside the pool and first feel the water by dipping her foot in. Uuuhhhh, that feels soooo good! Her pink high-heels sparkle up when the sunshine hits them in the shallow water. And her long white pants got wet on the bottom as well. So, why not dip into the pool a bit deeper? She slowly steps down in the water and the white pants almost get see-through and so shiny. Joyce enjoys every second of this while sipping on her glass champagne in between!

Later on Joyce gets deeper into the pool, slowly wetting her rose top as well, before she starts swimming – still with her purse on her! And in between she always comes out of the pool again to indulge in the feeling of being wet and the clothes tightly clinging to her hot body and dripping water everywhere … And Joyce is not only swimming, but she also dives and jumps into the water!

- white pants, rose top, white jacket, pink high-heels and rose purse (pool)
- beautiful wetlook scenes in the pool
- wet scenes out of the pool
- with underwater scenes (some slow-motions)
- the original sound mixed with music

Filmed in Full HD (1920x1080pixel)
14:45 min - Wetlook all in white with high-heels in pool
large: 1.05 GB / medium: 358 MB / iPod: 303 MB

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