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large: 915 MB / medium: 303 MB / iPod: 256 MB


"#StayAtHomeShower" (12:30 min) High Definition Video

Hey guys, whatís up? I know. Itís lock-down, itís boring and we are all fighting for our sanity. So, letís stick together, pull through and letís come back stronger! :) I just had my Quarantini and now I will just hop under the shower with my Freddy Jeans, rose sneakers and rose top. Rose all day :)

First I splash some water on my jeans. Iíve never took a shower with my new Freddy Jeans and I am happily surprised how nice it changes its color to a glossy dark blue. I keep spraying and splashing water from head to toe to slowly soak my outfit. It feels funny when the water soaks through my sneakers and my socks get wet. And my light rose top gets slowly wet as well and a bit see-through. Ops Ö

I also not only washing my hands, but hey, what not directly my whole outfit? I am soaking it with soap and everything gets super glossy and shiny and sooo clean :) And at last I take off my shoes and wash my socks and feet Ö ;-)

Stay healthy - Stay Home - Wash your hands or Take a shower

- Freddy Jeans, rose blouse and rose sneakers (shower)
- with some slow-motions
- the original sound mixed with music

Filmed in Full HD (1920x1080pixel)
12:30 min - Wetlook in jeans, top and sneakers (shower)
large: 915 MB/ medium: 303 MB / iPod: 256 MB

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