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River Fun   
Price:   16.25USD
Item-No.:   wet-0094
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large: 728 MB / medium: 160 MB / iPod: 162 MB

River Fun

"River Fun" (14:15 min) High Definition Video
Mandy and Kaitlin are spending her hot vacation day at the river. There is a rope swing into the river. Mandy tries it first in her tight dark blue jeans and neon pink top and high-heels. She pulls in the rope and swings herself with a small run-up over the river bank. Whow! That's fun! :-) There are filmed from 2 different angles: one camera is fixed on the rope above their heads and the other camera films them fooling around. There are great slow-motions of every jump and fall into the water! Now it's Kaitlins turn. She also gathers her breath and takes a small run-up in her light blue Miss 60 jeans and her high-heeled boots to swing into the river. Splash! Then the girls need to swim out of the water again and climb up a steep shore to do it again! The girls take turns. Later both take off their high-heels and Mandy continues barfeet and Kaitlin in white socks. They have a blast and enjoy themselve a lot! The last jump they do together ....!

- jeans, brown top and high-heels
- with some nice slow-motions
- the original sound mixed with music

Filmed in HD (High Definition)
14:15 min - River Wetlook in Jeans, high-heels and top
large: 728 MB / medium: 160 MB / iPod: 162 MB

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