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Drenched Down Jacket   
Price:   12.25USD
Item-No.:   wet-0101
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large: 523 MB / medium: 115 MB / iPod: 116 MB

Drenched Down Jacket

"Drenched Down Jacket" (10:15 min) High Definition Video
At night Michelle sneaks into the big public indoor swimming pool. It's almost dark in here and completely deserted. That's a bit creepy. But now the guilty pleasure of doing something forbidden kicks in and fills Michelle with excitement. How would it be to swim all alone in this beautiful great pool? Michelle doesn't hesitate for long and steps with her fur boots into the water. It's warm! The fur boots directly soak in the water and get really heavy. Another small step and Michelles favorite new jeans also gets wet. What a feeling! Jubilating she jumps completely into the water! And lands on her down jacket. What a great funny feeling to float with the down jacket through the warm water! Michelle has a good time and enjoys swimming for a while in the empty pool ...

- blue jeans, pink shirt, black fur boots and green down jacket
- beautiful wetlook scenes in an big indoor swimming pool
- with great slow-motions
- the original sound mixed with music

Filmed in HD (High Definition)
10:15 min - Wetlook in jeans and down jacket (pool)
large: 523 MB / medium: 115 MB / iPod: 116 MB

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