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Blue Jeans Wetlook 2   
Price:   13.75USD
Item-No.:   wet-0114
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large: 853 MB / medium: 283 MB / iPod: 239 MB

Blue Jeans Wetlook 2

"Blue Jeans Wetlook 2" (11:40 min) High Definition Video

On this beautiful fall day Sara wants to enjoy her pool before the winter starts. She wears jeans, a short grey top, a grey sweater and black overknee boots. First Sara is sitting at the edge of the pool, splashing some water with her hand onto her boots and jeans. Slowly she puts her overknee boots now into the cold water. Then Sara sits down on the stairs of the pool. Her jeans is soaked in water now, too .

She is exited to get more wet and slowly walks down the stairs until she is completely in the water. Brrrrr, the water is a bit cold therefore Sara swims to the stairs in front of the little waterfall. When she climbs up the stairs the water is dripping down from her soaked clothes. It feel so nice for her to let the drenched clothes warm up a bit into the sun again.

At this point Sara realize that her boots are falling apart in the water, so she decides to take them off now (Note: 80% of the video she is barefoot !!!). After a while in the sun her goose bumps are gone and she decides to drench her clothes again into the water as long as it gets too cold for her again. It is such a great feeling for Sara to step out of the pool and feel the water dripping out of her soaked jeans and sweater.

After a while in the warm sun, she takes her jacket off to go swimming. The more she swims the warmer her body gets. It feels so good for her when her top starts floating underwater and how tight it is on her body when she gets out of the pool again.

- blue Jeans, grey sweater, grey top and black leather overknee-boots (pool)
- beautiful wetlook scenes in the pool
- 80% of the video is barefoot in jeans
- lots of wet scenes out of the pool
- with some nice slow-motions
- great underwater scenes
- the original sound mixed with music

Filmed in Full HD (1920x1080pixel)
11:40 min - Wetlook in jeans, top and boots (pool)
large: 853 MB / medium: 283 MB / iPod: 239 MB

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