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Girls in Mud DVD 014   
Price:   39.00USD
Item-No.:   mud-dvd-014
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Girls in Mud DVD 014
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Girls in Mud DVD 014

HD-Videos on DVD - 16:9 Format

1)  The Bounty Hunter
Finally. Frankie is so close. She is chasing this bail-jumping critter now for quite a while. They are both running through the woods. A few steps more and she will finally lock her up! Frankie grabs her arm. Caitlin turns around and in an desperate effort to get free, she pushs hard. Hard enough. Frankie stumbles back. And: falls backwards into a mud hole. Damn. Caitlin takes the chance to flee. Not before she looks back and laughs at Frankie, of course. @#!!!§$#!!! But this mud hole is really freaking deep! Frankie is stuck there up to her head! And it's like quicksand. She is still sinking!!! She takes off her hat. Frankie is sweaty and really struggeling to get out there. After a while she is complete head under in the mud! Just her hands stick out. She fights! Then there she is again! She sucks in air! She can't drown here in this dirt. No way. Frankie has to fight! The tough bounty hunter is now crying for help! Will she make it?


- black high-heeled boots, black hotpants, short top and cowboy hat
- Frankie is stuck!!!  (dramatic sinking)

2) Muddy Jeans & Rubber Boots
Victoria wears a light blue Miss Sixty Jeans, a pink top and grey Hunter rubber boots. She is supposed to be at home by now to clean the house. But she is definitely not in the mood for cleaning. How boring! She comes across this lonely construction site filled with soft orange mud. This looks interesting! Perfect to try her new rubber boots. She enjoys to play with her rubber boots in the mud for a while. Cleaning? Far from it! She rubs mud in her hands and makes some nice big hand prints on her light jeans. Victoria enjoys playing with the mud and rubbing her dirty hands at her jeans. She kneels down. The mud feels warm and soft and she smears mud with relish all over her naked arms, her top and her jeans. Then again she jumps happily through the mud holes and splashes mud everywhere. Finally she crawls through the mud and rolls around in it. What a blast! Much better than cleaning! And for today, she probably will get away with this …! ;-)

- Miss Sixty jeans, pink top, Hunter rubber boots
- Victoria is covered in mud from head to toe (also the face!)

3) Riding Girl in deep Mud 2 
Katie's horse bolted and she fell off. When she recovered after a while, her horse Lena is gone. Now she wanders around in the forest and is looking for her horse. But suddenly she falls again - this time in a deep mud hole! Directly she sinks in up to her waist. Damn! She tries to get out there, but she is stuck! The mud seems to soak her in and is firm and viscous. Katie tries desperately to get out there again ...!


- jodhpurs, t-shirt, riding vest and cowboy boots
- Katie is stuck!!!

4) Dirty at Dusk 
Leanna in a nice sports outfit, getting slowly muddy from head to toe, at a wonderful sunset ...!!!


- grey workout pants, long sleeved white shirt and sneakers
- Leanna starts to get slowly muddy and then more and more ...
- ... finally she rubs mud all over her hair and face!

5) A Hiking Trip goes wrong  
Caitlin and Franki are hiking. They get lost. While looking for the right path, Franki makes one step too far and falls down into a deep mud hole. First Caitlin laughs, but then tries to help her out ... and ends up in the mud hole herself. Soon the girls get desperate and the only thing they want is: GETTING OUT of this mud hole before it completely soaks them in ...!!!

- jeans shorts, t-shirts
- story !!! :-)

6) Kaitlin in Mud 
Kaitlin wears a light blue Miss Sixty Jeans, a purple bikini top and high-heels. First she examines the mud hole in front of her carefully, then she feels around enthusiastically. She senses the soft quality of the mud with her hands and steps further into it. Soon she is sitting in the shallow hole and plays with the mud. Her clothes get more and more dirty. Kaitlin really enjoys it! She is rubbing mud over her jeans and rolls around in it, lying on her back and front and soon she is completely covered in mud ...


- Miss Sixty Jeans, Bikini Top and High-Heels
- Kaitlin starts to get slowly muddy and then more and more ...
- ... finally she rubs mud also in her hair and face!

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