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 Samples of our Wetlook HD-Videos in the 3 different qualities:
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Samples of our Wetlook SD-Videos in the 3 different qualities:
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 I love to get wet  I love to get wet

18:00 min - Wetlook in jeans jacket & -hotpants, pantyhose (pool)

Michelle loves to get wet in her clothes, which get dark and cool and wrap tighter around her body then ...

 After work shower  After work shower

17:15 min - Wetlook in black skirt, white shower (shower - NO Music, NO slow motion)

No music, no slow motions --- JUST PURE WETLOOK! Michelle enjoys it so much to get soaking wet in her office clothes ...

 Tropical Dreams  Tropical Dreams

15:30 min - Wetlook in yellow summer dress (pool)

This video is like a tropical dream: brightly colored, light and easy-going. Ashley wears a yellow summer dress and yellow high-heels and yellow lingerie ...

 Girl next door Wetlook  Girl next door Wetlook

17:00 min - Wetlook in blue jeans (pool)

Lisa rolls around on the shallow step in the water, goes deeper into the pool, swims, jumps into the water and dives!!! With wonderful underwater-scenes and slow-motions!

 Wet Jeans & Socks  Wet Jeans & Socks

 14:00 min - Wetlook in grey jeans & sports shoes (shower, NO Music, No Slow Motion)

Note! This video is special! Due to several request we decided to release this video without the addition of any music! So, here comes the "naked truth"!

 Washing-Up  Washing-Up

 9:40 min - Wetlook in black leggings & white blouse (kitchen sink)

It all starts like a normal dish washing, but soon Michelle discovers the fun in spraying water on her top. What is even more fun is the washing-up liquid and all the foam! ...

 Schoolgirl Wetlook  Schoolgirl Wetlook

14:00 min - Wetlook in schoolgirl uniform (shower)

Tiffany is a real cutie and its her first time with clothes in the shower. But she is not shy and shows us how sexy a soaking wet schoolgirl uniform can be! ...

 Wetlook in Leather 3  Wetlook in Leather 3

12:25 min - Wetlook in leather trousers, top and boots (pool)

With her hands Marketa sprays water on her leather trousers and white top. This feels so good, she lies down half in the water to enjoy the cool wet clothes on her skin even more ...

 Dripping Dreams  Dripping Dreams

11:20 min - Wetlook in white trousers and jacket (pool)

Monika feels her soaking wet clothes clearly on her skin: wet, cool and soft. Then Monika finally steps completely into the water and enjoys it to the fullest ... 

 Brunette Bombshell  Brunette Bombshell

11:00 min - Wetlook in jeans and white top (shower)

Tina-Marie is fully enjoying the experience of her clothes getting wet, warm and tight on her skin. The water changes her white top to a sheer and lucent breeze of nothing ...

 The Wet Experience  The Wet Experience

17:40 min - Wetlook in flare nixie and sneakers (pool)

Eva wears a white Miss Sixty pants, a light-blue top and sneakers and enjoys to wet her clothes until they get slowly soaking ...

 Soaking Wet Jeans Overall  Soaking Wet Jeans Overall

15:00 min - Wetlook in jeans overall (pool)

Jana is dressed in a blue, tight jeans overall this time with beige Buffalo boots. She is looking forward to get it wet ...

 Wet Pantyhose Special  Wet Pantyhose Special

19:25 min - Wetlook in pantyhose and dresses (shower)

2-in-1-video: Amber in 2 different sets of pantyhoses, dresses and high-heels and she is so damn sexy ...

 Wetlook Beauties  Wetlook Beauties

14:50 min - 2 Models, Wetlook in jeans and dress (pool)

For this Wetlook Session Marketa brings her friend Monika with her and they indulge in the water and enjoys getting wet together ...

 Jeans & Rubber Boots  Jeans & Rubber Boots

15:15 min - Wetlook in jeans and rubber boots (pool)

Michaela wears a light blue Hollister jeans, a turquoise top and turquoise Hunter rubber boots. Slowly her clothes get wet in the pool ...

 Wetlook Virgin  Wetlook Virgin

15:00 min - Wetlook in leather jeans (pool)

Eva swims and dives a lot in the water. Inbetween she steps out of the pool, walks to the other side and jumps in again ...

 Wetlook at the lake 3  Wetlook at the lake 3

  8:25 min - Wetlook in jeans (lake)

Michelle wears a blue torn Hollister Jeans, a white top and boots. Today she wants to enhance her wetlook experiences at the lake ... 

 Wetlook in the pool  Wetlook in the pool

18:00 min - Wetlook in jeans and down jacket (pool)

Jana wears a blue Hollister jeans, a white t-shirt, purple boots and a purple down jacket. Slowly she steps down into the pool and enjoys to wet her clothes ...

 Fully Clothed Swimming 2  Fully Clothed Swimming 2

13:00 min - Wetlook in Miss 60 trousers (pool)

Stefanie wears black Miss Sixty trousers, top and black pumps. She uses her time alone in the big public pool and goes swimming - fully dressed ...!

 Relaxing by the Fireside  Relaxing by the Fireside

15:35 min - Wetlook in jeansoutfit (pool)

Veronika wears a blue jeans, a pink shirt and blue high-heels sandals. She is relaxing by the fireside on an atmospheric evening. After a while she feels so hot due to the merrily crackling fire, that she decides to cool her down in the pool ...

 Displaying 61 to 80 (of 144 products)   Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>]  
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