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The Mudhole   
Price:   11.75USD
Item-No.:   mud-0074
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The Mudhole

"The Mudhole" (9:40 min) High Definition Video
"Brooke, Brooke, look what I found!" shouts Katie. Brooke comes out of her house, puzzled. "What is it?" she asks. "Big mudhole!" tells Katie excited! So, both girls looks at Katies find: the big mudhole! And Brooke says admiringly: "Wow, that's beautiful! How deep is it?" That's just a second before Katie suddenly shoves Brooke into the mud. Brooke directly sinks in up to her waist. "Ok. That's pretty deep!" she laughs. "Help me out" she says and reaches out for Katies hand. Katie (without thinking) grasps Brookes hand and in that second Brooke pulls her into the mud, too. Both girls are laughing and having fun! But also Katie is now waist-deep in mud. Brooke actually thinks, she is even sinking more into the mud. They both find out the mud is really heavy and gluey and they can't really move in it. The mud is almost at her chests now. But they are still having fun! They try pushing each other heads down into the mud. Brooke finally succeeds and pushes Katie's head down into the thick mud. Then its Katie's turn to push her friend down into the mud. Now they are both completely covered in the thick grey mud!

Finally the want to get out again ... But they are really pretty stuck in there. All the rest is struggle! ... 


- bikini tops and jeans hot-pants
- girls submerge with their heads in the mud
- the girls are stuck ...! 

Filmed in HD (High Definition)
9:40 min - deep mud, stuck 
large: 493 MB / medium: 108 MB / iPod: 110 MB

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