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The Initiation   
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The Initiation

"The Initiation" (13:30 min) High Definition Video
Is Katie good enough to be part of her favorite “gang”? We will find out. 3 girls: Frankie, Caitlin and Brooke pick her up at her house. Frankie tells her about the upcoming initiation. “The whole point of an initiation is to gain trust.” Then they blindfold Katie and lead her out into the woods to their secret place.

Once they arrive they take off Katie’s blindfold and she directly starts screaming and protesting. “No, no, no!” when she sees a big greyish mud hole in front of her. ”Well, you have to. We all did this!” they tell her. “If you want to be a part of our group, you have to go into the mud and completely submerge, head deep down!”

Katie’s protest slowly fades away. She is very skeptical about this initiation. That’s nothing she would like to do, but on the othersite she really wants to be part of this group. Dang it.

She takes a deep breath and makes a huge step that lands her right in the middle of the mud hole. Immediately she sinks down until her waist. The other girls encourage her! “Do it, Do it” – “Deeper girl, all the way down!!!” The mud is thick, cold and gluey. It kind of draws on her as well. But Katie is still hesitant. “No”, she thinks “I don’t like to go with my head down in this mud …” She squirms around and the other girls already start laughing and calling her a chicken.

But then finally Katie submerges with her head completely in the mud. When she comes up again, she is yelling for help though. She is panicking. She feels the mud is sucking her in and she is afraid she can’t getout anymore!

Frankie has mercy with her and jumps into the mud to help her out. Brooke also tries to grab Katie’s arm and slips into the mud hole as well.

Once in the mud, Frankie starts laughing and reveals: “You know what: to be honest you are the first person who ever really did this!” Katie is disgusted and amused the same time. What should she say? Well, now it’s over. She did this and is already muddy …

The other girls are laughing. But to be fair, Frankie tells them now to ALL join them in the mud hole and especially Caitlin who is still standing beside it. She tells her to make a big jump in it. Ok, said and done.Caitlin jumps right into the mud to join the others. 

Now the whole initiation gets a different turn: Actually the girls are really having fun in the mud and are laughing a lot (except Katie who is still kind of stuck in it and feeling miserable). But the others first pull themselves out of the mud, just to jump simultaneously back in. Not once, but several times. Every time they get deeper into the mud and it gets harder for them to get out again. Since the mud is really thick and gluey and also sucks them in, it drains their energy quickly.

When they are all already pretty deep in it, they also take turns into submerging down with their heads completely. Frankie first. She is the leader and the bravest one. She sinks down into the mud. When she comes upagain, the others are laughing at her, because her hair and face are now completely muddy. But they need to do it now, too. Brooke is next. She is a tough one, too. Caitlin however has more problems. She really wants to do it, but needs a bit help. So Brooke actually pushes her under really deep!

They are all really muddy and exhausted by now. So, the try to get out. And this is pretty tough now, Katie and Caitlin are stuck in the mud badly. After a lot of struggling and fighting they finally get out – happy and exhausted!

This initiation was now something for them all and a goodteam building one, too. That’s a memory no one of them will ever forget!


Filmed in HD (High Definition)
13:30 min - deep mud and submerging
large: 689 MB / medium: 151 MB / iPod: 153 MB

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