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Mudwrestling: Susana vs. Zuzana   
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Mudwrestling: Susana vs. Zuzana

Mudwrestling: Susana vs. Zuzana
Susana Spears is dressed casual in jeans and short top; her "colleague" on the other hand wears "a traditional secretary-outfit" with a grey skirt, a grey jacket, black top and pantyhoses.

Zuzana stumbles so clumsy that she ends up in the mud. Susana Spears laghs at her and teases her. That makes Zuzana mad and since she is already covered in mud, she tries to pull Susana Spears into the mud herself ... When Susana Spears get muddy herself, she gets totally angry and is going to show Zuzana who is the stronger one ...
(Note: The wrestling is more playful, not very aggressive ...)


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