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Mud Bath 3   
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Item-No.:   mud-0076
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large: 587 MB / medium: 129 MB / iPod: 130 MB
Mud Bath 3

"Mud Bath 3" (11:30 min) High Definition Video
Matti and Kassi are looking very adventurous today. They are dressed for a “mission to get muddy” – both in their brown boots, shorts and beige tops. Matti told Kassi about this great mud hole she found and how nice it is to play in it and to get completely muddy! The girls are chatting excitedly when they arrive at the mud hole. Then they slowly step with their boots into the soft mud. The more experienced Matti takes a bit the leading role and shows Kassi how fun it is to dip your hands in the mud and smear it over their clothes.

While Kassi obviously needs a bit more time to get used to the mud, Matti is totally in her element. She knees down and starts happily playing in the mud. Then the girls starts rubbing mud onto each other’s clothes and get more and more muddy. Now also Kassi is happy and laughing and having fun!

Well, the 2 girls definitely get a taste for it and are enjoying their mud bath! They roll around in the mud, getting also their hair and faces muddy. Actually they are “washing their hair” with mud! After a while Matti and Kassi stand up again and admire their now totally muddy look!

But they are still not muddy enough! They slowly walk to the deeper mud and get down again. The mud here is thick, but soft and slushy. It looks too tempting. So, finally they both dive down into the mud with their faces and submerge. Now, they are really completely muddy from head to toe. Only their eyes and teeth are shining bright with! They are laughing and slowly walking back again, dripping mud with every step …   


- brown boots, shorts and beige tops
- Matti and Kassi start to get slowly muddy and then more and more ...
- ... finally they submerge completely with their faces in the mud!

Filmed in HD (High Definition)
11:30 min - from shallow to a bit deeper mud
large: 587 MB / medium: 129 MB / iPod: 130 MB

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