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Girls in Mud DVD 003   
Price:   39.00USD
Item-No.:   mud-dvd-003
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Girls in Mud DVD 003
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Girls in Mud DVD 003

1) Playing in Mud
Iveta is playing in mud. She is wearing a Miss Sixty jeans, boots and a grey top. Playfully and dreamily she makes her first steps into the even mud. She is plashing the mud with her boots and having a lot of fun! Slowly she steps deeper and deeper into the mud until she finally sinks waistdeep into it - just like in a elevator. She is playing and rolling around in the mud, she is rubbing the mud on her clothes and finally into her face! In the end Iveta is covered in mud from head to toe ...!


- Miss Sixty Jeans, boots, grey top
- Iveta is covered in mud from head to toe (also the face!)

2) Enjoy the Mud   
Crystel is wearing a blue Miss Sixty Jeans (style Ellah), a white top and pink high-heels. First she examines the mud hole in front of her carefully, then she feels around enthusiastically. She senses the soft quality of the mud with her hands and steps further into it. Soon she is sitting in the even hole and plays with the mud. Her clothes get more and more dirty. Crystel really enjoys the mud! She is rubbing mud over her jeans and her top, she is lying on her back and on her front and soon she is covered in mud completly. Crystel loves it. She is rolling around in the mud with pleasure and she admires the mud on her clothes and body. In the end also her hair and face are muddy ...


- Miss Sixty Jeans, high-heels, white top
- Crystel is covered in mud from head to toe (also the face!)

3) Mud Soccer
Iveta and Lucie are playing soccer. They wear bikinis in soccer style and white boots (one of them Buffalo boots). First they are kicking the ball on a meadow until Iveta kicks it accidentally into a huge mud hole. Then they try to get the ball out there again. Therefore they both step slowly into the mud; their wonderful white boots get dirty. When they go further, Iveta falls down in the mud. Lucie helps her, but falls down, too. Now both girls are completley muddy and decides to continue their play in the mud. They are throwing the ball with hands and feet, are getting more and more muddy and have lots of fun ...!


- white Buffalo boots and bikinis
- Women-Soccer in mud

4) The pink rubber boots
Marketa likes to try out her new rubber boots today. Suitable to the pink rubber boots Marketa wears a pink top and a Miss Sixty Jeans "Flair Nixie". In the beginning Marketa jumps playfully into some mud and water puddles and gets quite wet. Then she tests the rubber boots in a incredible soft and sticky mud ... and she enjoys it!


- Miss Sixty Jeans "Flair-Nixie", pink top and pink rubber boots model 'Hunter'
- Marketa is completley clean in the beginning ...

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