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Girls in Mud DVD 002   
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Girls in Mud DVD 002
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Girls in Mud DVD 002

1) Muddy Mountain Bike Tour
Iveta is exercising for an amateur triathlon with her mountain bike. Since there are only a few days left and the weather is fine, she is already trying out her new outfit: a new Speedo-swimsuit and new white sneakers. On her bike tour she finally discovers a soft muddy lakeshore. This seems to her the right location to try out her mountainbike. Therefore she rides cautiously into the soft, not deep mud. She gets slower with her mountainbike and riding starts to get difficult. Though the mud seems even, she suddenly gets no further with her bike. Iveta is trying hard, but her mountainbike get stuck in the mud! Slowly it sinks deeper and also Ivetas sneakers are now fully covered in mud. She can hardly move in there, but she is making great efforts to free her mountain bike. During her struggel the bike sinks deeper and deeper and also Iveta is getting more and more muddy and despaired ...!


- Speedo-swimsuit, white socks, white sneakers
- Mountain bike get stuck in the mud
- Iveta starts to get slowly muddy and then more and more ...!

2) Jodhpurs, Riding Boots and Mud   
Stefanie slowly steps into the mud where it is only even. Then she goes deeper and deeper into the mud. She really enjoys to play with the mud and starts to hop into it. When the mud gets deeper, she is sinking waistdeep into it and struggeling to get free again. She even loses one of her boots ... 


- jodhpurs, black leather cavallo riding boots and white top
- Stefanie starts to get slowly muddy and then more and more ...

3) Blondes in Trouble
Iveta and Zuzana are caught in a trap ... They are right in a big mud hole, lost in mud up to their knees. Where is the way out here? They fight their way to the edge, but on the way the mud get deeper and deeper ... Soon both girls are completley covered with mud. Mud allover! The cute blondes try to help each other and they are struggeling desperately to get over the steeply edge of the hole ...


4) The new white boots
It is a warm summer day and Stefanie wears her new white Buffalo boots and a new white top. Then she came across this fantastic mud hole and is totally fascinated. This smooth brown mud contrasts great to her new shining white boots. So, she slowly steps into the mud where it is only very even, and then with every step she goes deeper and deeper into the mud. Partly she is sinking waistdeep into the mud and it gets really hard to move on. At other occasions the deep mud merges into the lake and gets more fluid ...


- white top and white Buffalo boots
- Stefanie is completley clean in the beginning
- and she gets slowly more muddy ...
- partly the mud merges into the lake and gets more fluid  ... (some Wetlook) 

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