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Camping Horror   
Price:   21.75USD
Item-No.:   mud-0065
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Camping Horror

"Camping Horror" (19:40 min) High Definition Video
It's one last warm fall day and tomorrow is a Holiday. Brooke, Caitlin, Frankie and Katie decide spontaneously to go camping. After a short hike through the woods, the four build up their tent on a clearing. Soon it's dark.  The 4 girls sit cramped together in the small tent and tell spooky stories. It's Halloween! They really enjoy themselves till Caitlin needs to get some fresh air. The others continue their spooky stories ...

Caitlin is glad to be out of the small sticky tent; it was way too hot inside and she enjoys the cool night air outside. But wait. What was the strange sound? Where did it come from? Is somebody else out there? Slowly and carefully she walks towards the sound ... Suddenly she feels hunted. Where do all the strange sounds suddenly come from? Caitlin panics. She turns right and left and back again. Where is the tent? Fearfully she looks around; makes another step backwards. And falls into a deep mud hole. Damn!!! Instantly she sinks waistdeep into the mud. She cries for help!!! But wait. What if this is a trap? Maybe someone else is out here. The one who hunted her ... She panics even more and desperately struggles to get out of the mud. But instead, she sinks deeper and deeper ...!!!

In the meanwhile the stories got worse in the tent. They are really spooky and scary by now. And while Frankie and Katie are listenig excitedly to Brookes scary story, they all hear the scream! That must be Caitlin! Should they go look for her? Katie is afraid. But the others don't hesitate and run for help. Or is this one of Caitlin's Halloween tricks? Does she just want to scare them? Or has something horrible happened to her? The scream really sounded terrible! It's pitch-black night out there. Everywhere are strange noises. It's so scary!!!

The girls hurry through the woods. Nervous and fearful. Where is Caitlin? And then it happens! Frankie suddenly fall into another deep mud hole! Damn. This one is thick gluey mud and it kind of sucks her in. Brooke and Katie are trying to pull her out. But there is not enough space. Katie is scared anyway and she backs up. Frankie is already waistdeep in the mud and Brooke is trying with all her force to pull her out! But the ground is slippery, she loses her footing and suddenly she falls in there, too. Damn. No, No, No!!! Thats unbelievable! And whats with Caitlin? Where is she? Now only Katie is left and she is so damn scared. She is now all alone and needs to get some help! She panics. And there are strange noises everywhere ...!!!

Brooke and Frankie are now fighting together to get out of this strange gluey mud. But it sucks them in and they sink deeper and deeper. And now there is also this thick strange fog! And behind the scary fog are more noises! There is somebody else. For sure. They are not alone here! Totally paniced by now, Katie is running away! She needs to get help. There must be help out here. For sure!

Totally mad with fear Katie is running through the dark forest. She needs help! Where to go? She stumbles thorugh the fog and brushes. There! There is something bright orange! Caitlins cap! It's laying on the ground. No, thats mud. The cap lays on top of a big mud hole. Katie takes a stick and looks under the cap. There is nothing to see. No Caitlin. Is she drowned here? No, NO, NOOO!!! Horror-stricken she turns around to run away and got caught in the next mud hole nearby. Oh NO! Did this happened to Caitlin, too? Is she drowned here??? Noooo!!!

In the meanwhile Brooke and Frankie are still fighting. They are now totally desperate and powerless. They cry in distress and are sinking deeper and deeper into the thick mud ...

Further away Katie hear their frantic cries! This is a nightmare! She must get out here! The panic and fear gives her supernatural power. She fights and struggles to get out ...!!! 

+++ Happy Halloween!!!


- 4 girls in shorts, tops, rubber boots and sneakers
- great Halloween-Special-Story with stuck in mud and dramatic sinking!!!

Filmed in HD (High Definition)
19:40 min - deep mud, stuck, dramatic sinking, horror, 4 models
large: 0,98 GB / medium: 221 MB / iPod: 223 MB

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