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Girls in Mud Blu-Ray 013   
Price:   39.00USD
Item-No.:   mud-bluray-013
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Girls in Mud Blu-Ray 013

Girls in Mud Blu-Ray 013

1)  Tight Muddy Jeans
Sweet Skylar wears a Miss Sixty jeans, a turquoise top and high-heels and a pink purse. In a shallow mud hole she starts testing the mud first with her pumps. The mud is very gluey and soon her shoes are completely covered in mud. She knees down into the mud to feel it now with her hands. Skylar makes muddy hand prints all over her body and you can see, how much fun she has! She rubs mud on her arms and her pants and fills her handbag with mud and tilts it over her body!

Skylar really enjoys her mud experience and how her clothes are getting more and more muddy! She rolls playfully around in the mud. What a pleasure! Every bit of skin and clothes is finally covered in mud - also her hair and face ...!


- blue Miss Sixty jeans, style "New Roisin", turquoise top, turquoise high-heels and pink purse
- Skylar starts to get slowly muddy and then more and more ...
- ... finally she rubs mud all over her hair and face!

2) Mud Island: The Pirate's Treasure 
Mud Island - Caribbean Sea - June, 1705:

Ahoy! The Buccaneer Captain Keli Morgan commanded her ship to “Mud Island”, telling her crew it's a safe place to stay away from pirate hunters. And the crew always trust their red haired Captain :-)

After arriving at the island, Captain Keli Morgan sneaks away from her crew with a secret treasure map, she discovered on a former mission. Why share the gold when you can keep it for yourself? So she explores the island..... "X does always marks the spot !!!" And she's right.

Some hours later she finds the spot where the booty must be. Surprisingly it's not in a cave. No,  it's in a deep mud puddle, the perfect concealment.
"My map will never lie."

Hmm, but how can she get it? Get her crew for help and securely get the treasure? No! As greedy as Captain Keli is, sharing the gold isn't what she wants to do. She has to retrieve it by herself. No problem for an experienced pirate like her. "The gold will be mine"

So Keli starts digging from the edge of the grey clay pit, but the treasure must be hidden deep in the mud. She must go deeper into the mud to retrieve it.

First she is floating on top of the mud. But while searching for the treasure, she doesn’t realize that she is sinking deeper and deeper. The shine of gold made her forget the danger she brings herself into. "Shiver me timbers!" curses Keli "Considering, I'm stuck" …

"Oh no, I'm sinking!" the strong pirate woman says with fear in her eyes... will this be Captain Kelis last adventure??? Watch the complete "Pirate in distress" video to find out :-)

Get hooked! ;-)


- black-red pirate costume with black leather boots
- completely story line ...!!! :-)

3) Muddy Leather Outfit 2 
Skylar wears a red Miss Sixty Leather pants, black leather jacket (real leather), a shiny black top and black patent leather high-heels. She looks like a rock star! :-) In a shallow mud hole she starts testing the mud first with her pumps. The mud is soft and gluey and makes funny muddy hand prints all over her leather outfit. Skylare enjoys it! She knees down into the mud, plays with it and rolls delightfully around in the shallow mud. She rubs mud on her leather outfit and looks incredible sexy in it ...!!!

- red Miss Sixty leather jeans, real black leather jacket, black shiny top and black patent leather high-heels
- Skylar starts to get slowly muddy and then more and more ...
- ... finally she rubs mud all over her hair and face!

4) Stuck in Mud 4 
Cowgirl Brooke is dressed in blue jeans, white shirt, cowboy boots and cowboy hat. While walking through the forest, she sees a snake, startles and jumps back .... - into a deep mud hole. She sinks waistdeep into the tough brown mud can hardly move her legs in it; she is stuck. What now? Of course she tries to move her legs and she has a feeling she is sinking deeper then ... She is fighting and struggeling to reach the solid surface again which is close, but seems endlessly far away. Brooke fights for every inch and starts to sweat a lot. The mud just won't let her go and she gets desperate and cries for help. She is totally exhausted. Can she ever get out of this gluey mud again???

- Jeans, white shirt, cowboy boots and cowboy hat
- Brooke is stuck!!!

5) Skylar's Day Off - The Mud Adventure  
Today is Skylar’s Day Off and she drives a bit offroad. Usually the flat desert here is a bit boring for this, but today she finds a big mud hole. That’s fun to drive through! Unfortunately the Jeep get stuck in the middle of the mud hole! What now? (the carstuck video “Skylar’s Day Off: The Car Stuck“ is available on http:/www.madmanmovies.com/product_info.php?cPath=34&products_id=768)

Skylar steps out of the car to get a better impression of the whole mess. Her new brown boots get really dirty while stepping out. The mud is ankle-deep and it’s hard to walk through. The wheels dug in deep into the mud. Skylar tries to free the area around the wheels from the mud and she shovels with her hands. Once the wheels have a bit more room, she tries again to drive the car out. She rubs off the mud from her hands onto her clothes to keep the car a bit clean from inside (useless :-))

But she is not able to drive the car out of the mud. She is stuck there. The wheels are just spinning. She steps out again and tries to push it from the back. Skylar is really trying hard for several minutes- but to no avail. So, she keeps on shoveling the wheels free with her hands and gets more and more muddy. She also takes care of the area UNDER the car; therefore she needs to lay down in the mud. Now her whole front is totally muddy!

After all this work Skylar is exhausted. She just let go and falls on her back into the mud. Well, at least this way it can bring her some nice cool-down. The mud is soft and cool and quite comfortable. Skylar rests a bit. She rolls around and crawls deeper in the mud to get herself completely covered with it …!!!

… In the end you can watch help coming and rescuing the car out of the mud. But now Skylar and the Jeep are totally muddy and really needs some cleaning! But this is a complete different story … („Skylar’s Day Off: The Car Wash“  -  available here /skylars-day-off-the-car-wash-p-863.html).

- blue jeans skirt, grey top and brown boots
- Skylar starts to get slowly muddy and then more and more ...
- ... finally she rubs mud all over her hair and face!
- completely story line ...!!! :-)

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