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 Samples of our Wetlook HD-Videos in the 3 different qualities:
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Samples of our Wetlook SD-Videos in the 3 different qualities:
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 The Photoshooting  The Photoshooting

18:25 min - 2 Models, Wetlook in white outfits, High-Heels (Pool)

Colleen and Savannah are making a photoshooting at their pool. They wear nice summer outfits and cowboy hats. To create a more special look they tries out to make the pictures in the pool ...

 The Spirit of Wetlook  The Spirit of Wetlook

15:00 min - 2 Models, Wetlook in Jeans, Boots, white Outfit (Pool)

Tiffany pushs Heather into the pool - fully clothed! When Tiffany wants to help her out again, Heather pulls her into the pool, too. Since their clothes are completly wet now, they start swimming and test which one can dive better ...

 The Wet Element  The Wet Element

17:15 min - 2 Models, Wetlook in sportive clothes (pool & shower)

Denisa and Marketa feel good in the "wet element". Denisa wears a black sports outfit and sneakers and Marketa a pink top, jeans hotpants and pantyhose. They amuse themselves in the pool ...

 The Wet Experience  The Wet Experience

17:40 min - Wetlook in flare nixie and sneakers (pool)

Eva wears a white Miss Sixty pants, a light-blue top and sneakers and enjoys to wet her clothes until they get slowly soaking ...

 The Wet-test  The Wet-test

24:20 min - Wetlook in Jacuzzi, Pool, Shower

Nadia wants to know: Where is the wet element the most enjoyable? In the Jacuzzi, in the Pool or under the shower?First she starts to step slowly into the Jacuzzi until she is totally wet and her clothes are soaking ...

 Tight Wet Jeans  Tight Wet Jeans

17:15 min - Wetlook in jeans and satin blouse (tub)

Iveta decides to enjoy her new outfit in the tub. She wears a white satin blouse, dark Miss Sixty Jeans and blue sandals. First Iveta splashs with water and starts to make her clothes slowly wet. She begins with her Jeans ...

 Tropical Dreams  Tropical Dreams

15:30 min - Wetlook in yellow summer dress (pool)

This video is like a tropical dream: brightly colored, light and easy-going. Ashley wears a yellow summer dress and yellow high-heels and yellow lingerie ...

 Tropical Dreams 2  Tropical Dreams 2

15:30 min - Wetlook in the Pool, FULL HD (1920x1080pixel)

You can almost feel the sunshine on your skin and the light breeze in your hair while watching this “Tropical Dreams 2” video ... :)

 Truck Wash  Truck Wash

17:00 min - Wetlook in jeans hotpants and boots (Car-Wash)

Equipped with a bucket of soaped water and a water hose Iveta starts washing the truck. In between she cools down with the water hose. First her legs; her boots get totally wet then ...

 Underwater Wetlook  Underwater Wetlook

12:00 min - 2 Models, Wetlook in Jeans, Tops & High-Heels (Pool)

It rains. Since Heather and Tiffany are already wet now and they don't want to spoil the afternoon, they decide to go fully clothed swimming. They often jumps into the pool and dive a lot!

 Washing-Up  Washing-Up

 9:40 min - Wetlook in black leggings & white blouse (kitchen sink)

It all starts like a normal dish washing, but soon Michelle discovers the fun in spraying water on her top. What is even more fun is the washing-up liquid and all the foam! ...

 Water Ski Wetlook  Water Ski Wetlook

7:00 min - Wetlook in jeans, white top & high-heels (motor boat)

Jenny always enjoys a nice ride on a motorboat. During her ride, she decides to lay on the deck and take in the sun. Soon after, she started to get really hot wearing her blue jeans and white shirt ...

 Wet & Shiny  Wet & Shiny

13:15 min - Wetlook in pvc outfit (pool)

It's summer. It's hot! And Michelle loves leather & PVC clothes. Now she is cooling down in the pool ...!

 Wet & Shiny 2  Wet & Shiny 2

15:00 min - Wetlook in the Pool, FULL HD (1920x1080pixel)

Please welcome our new smoking hot friend Kathy !

 Wet & White  Wet & White

14:45 min - Wetlook in the Pool, FULL HD (1920x1080pixel)

Joyce enjoys every second of her wetlook experience while sipping on her glass champagne in between!

 Wet Afternoon  Wet Afternoon

11:30 min - Wetlook in the Pool, FULL HD (1920x1080pixel)

Imani is such a lovely water minx

 Wet Dreams  Wet Dreams

17:00 min - Wetlook in white trousers and pink top (Pool)

Nadia is waiting for her friend at the pool. But he is not coming ... She just steps into the pool fully clothed with her wide white pants and her light pink top. They get so wet easily and are shimmering in the sun ...

 Wet Dress & Stockings  Wet Dress & Stockings

15:00 min - Wetlook in Dress, Stockings, Pumps (Pool)

After a business meeting Nadia takes a sunbath at her pool. She wears a fancy summer dress with black pumps, garter belt and stockings. Then she decides to cool down a little bit in her Jacuzzi ...

 Wet Dress & Stockings 2  Wet Dress & Stockings 2

15:00 min - Wetlook in dress and stockings (Pool)

On a warm summer evening Vendula visits the pool. She wears her blue summer dress with white stockings (and garter belt). She so much longs to cool down in the water, but she doesn't have her bikini with her ...

 Wet Heels & Stockings  Wet Heels & Stockings

 12:30 min - Wetlook in white blouse, black skirt, black stockings and high-heels (pool) 

Sexy secretary outfit. white blouse, black skirt, black stockings and high-heels. Marketa exactly knows what to do to make her outfit wet, shiny and even more sexy ...!

 Displaying 81 to 100 (of 145 products)   Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>]  
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