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Trapped in Mud   
Price:   19.25USD
Item-No.:   mud-0032
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large: 983 MB / medium: 216 MB / iPod: 219 MB
Trapped in Mud

"Trapped in Mud" (19:25 min)  High Definition Video
Livia wears a Miss 60 jeans, a white top, a red leather jacket and boots. Wiebke is dressed in black Miss Sixty leather pants, a black top, black leather jacket and black boots. They are walking on hard, dry ground. Suddenly the ground softens and their boots sink in. The mud here is viscous and gluey. Livia manages to get out first, but Wiebke is badly stuck. Livia tries to help Wiebke to get out but during their struggel, they both sinks deeper and deeper into the mud ...


- Miss Sixty Jeans, Style Ellah, red leather jacket, black Miss Sixty leather trousers, black leather jacket and boots
- Livia and Wiebke start to get slowly muddy and then more and more ...
- They are both stuck in viscous and gluey mud!

Filmed in HD (High Definition)
19:25 min - from even to waist-deep mud       
large: 983 MB / medium: 216 MB / iPod: 219 MB

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