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Latex Girl in Mud   
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Latex Girl in Mud

Xena Kai - Latex Girl in Mud

Xena Kai wears a red tight latex dress and high heels today. She looks so stunning! On a clearing she finds this shallow, incredible soft and warm mud. Xena Kai is totally fascinated by this mud and wants to touch and feel it. In her high-spirited, sensual mood she starts playing with it and applying it slowly on her beautiful latex dress. Getting muddy was always something she wanted to do, so this is her chance now. Very playfully and lustful she is rolling around in the creamy grey mud. What a pleasure! The bright red latex dress is slowly getting more and more muddy and gets even more shiny with the clay on it. Xena-Kai wants to feel the mud everywhere on her skin ...

After a while this Asian Beauty also starts to discover the deeper parts of the clay pit. She is brave enough to give it a try. The deeper she gets into the mud, the more she enjoys it. Feeling all those mud around her is such a pleasure for her. Now Xena Kai even covers her hair and face with this wonderful clay. This feels so good! A mud baths like this is exactly what she always dreamed about.

Now, deep in the mud, the slippery clay is filling up the latex dress. At this part of the video the mud became a nice looking body paint!!! Xena Kai looks so amazing in this video and she really enjoys playing in the mud! What a nice experience for this Asian Beauty.

Note: Although there is NO dramatic sinking, itís one of our favorite videos. Even if it's different to our other Quicksandgirls videos, we are sure you will also enjoy this one a lot! Itís just such a pleasure to watch Xena Kaiís hot body getting covered in mud! :-)

Xena Kai in latex dress She is covered in mud Latex Dress in grey clay Xena Kai muddy High Heels some screenshots of Xena Kai in Latex

12:30 Minutes

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