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Girls in Mud DVD 011   
Price:   39.00USD
Item-No.:   mud-dvd-011
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Girls in Mud DVD 011
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Girls in Mud DVD 011

HD-Videos on DVD - 16:9 Format

1)  Mud Commando  
Juliane is behind enemy lines and has to cross a big mudhole to finish her mission. There is no other way to escape then to walk through the deep mud. She tries to cross the mudlake half walking, half swimming. But it gets harder and harder; the mud gets thicker and more sticky with every step. The nearer the shore comes, the harder it gets. Then she can not move anymore; Juliane is stuck in the mud really bad with both legs up to her knees. This situation turns the "tough well trained soldier" to a "damsel in distress" who tries desperately to get free again before the enemy will capture her ...

Note: If you enjoy watching a women fight really hard to free herself, but can't get out of the mud: you'll love this video! Juliane was totally exhausted and I've never seen a girl fighting harder than she did.... This is one of my personal all time favorites. Enjoy! Best wishes, Swen


- Army-Outfit: green hotpants, green top and green camouflage boots
- Juliane is clean in the beginning and then get stuck in mud ...

2) Muddy Leather Outfit  
Jana wears black Miss Sixty leather trousers, a pink top, a black leather jacket and sexy knee high boots. Slowly she walks towards a mud hole and tests it with her boots. The mud is incredible soft and she rubs it joyfully on her leather clothes. Then Jana steps further and deeper into the mud and plays within. In the meantime she steps out again to admire her completely muddy leather outfit and to roll in the warm soft sand besides the mud hole. Back in the mud she completely dives down with her head into the mud ...


- Miss Sixty leather jeans, real black leather jacket, pink top and black leather boots
- Jana starts to get slowly muddy and then more and more ...
- ... finally she submerges completely with her head in the mud!

3) Muddy Shoes Special: Sport Shoes 
Michelle is running. She comes to a big mud hole. Curious she slowly takes some steps with her Nike Shox towards the soft shallow mud. Michelle is completely faszinated of these soft gluey substance. The mud gets into the little holes of her soles and soon the sneakers are really heavy. A few steps deeper into the mud and the mud also creeps into the shoes. But the cool soft mud really feels good on her hot feet. Positivly surprised and more curious Michelle goes deeper into the mud and sinks in up to her ankles. The sport shoes are now so heavy and the mud so gluey, that it is hard to move ...


- sport outfit: short sport leggings, white top and sport shoes (Nike Shox)
- Michelle starts to get slowly muddy and then more and more ...
- with lots of high resolution close-ups from the shoes!

4) Mud all over 
Caroline wears a blue jeans, a turquois top and turquois Hunter rubber boots. She likes to be in the mud and wants to test it today with her rubber boots. Right after her first steps she already sinks in up to her ankles. But she enjoys it and soon she is muddy all over! With pleasure she rolls around in the mud and plays with it. She crosses the mud lake half walking, half swimming and completely submerges. She is really diving in the mud! On the other site she steps out and admires her totally muddy clothes. Slowly she gets off most of the mud and her bright clothes shine through again. Then she jumps into the mud hole again! In the end she cleans herself a bit in a nearby lake ...

- blue jeans, turquois top and turquois Hunter rubber boots
- Caroline jumps into the mud hole ...
- ... and finally submerges completely in the mud!  

5) Friends in Mud  
On a rainy summer day the 2 friends Anna and Dominique are taking a walk. Dominique wears a tight blue jeans, a tight white pullover and a purple down jacket and purple leather boots. Anna is well equipped for the rainy weather and wears a grey jeans, white top and matching to her pink Hunter rubber boots a pink down jacket and a pink umbrella. On their stroll they discover a big puddle. Anna spontaneously jumps into the puddle and tramps happily around in it with her rubber boots. But Dominique doesn't like only watching, but to be right in the middle of the action and so she joins the fun.

After some really high jumps they are both already a bit wet and muddy and they walk on until they get to an area of shallow soft mud. Here, too, they jumps into the mud and the mud flies around. They both have fun and enjoy themselves in the mud. The 2 friends get on their knees and make each other dirty and roll around in the mud. Muddy from head to toe, they continue their walk until they get to a really deep big mud hole. They keep on getting muddy here, having fun and soon they are completely covered in mud. Both girls submerge also with their heads in the mud several times! In the end they clean themselves in a nearby water hole ...


- blue and grey jeans, white tops, down vest and down jacket, leather boots and Hunter riding boots
- Anna and Dominique start to get slowly muddy and then more and more ...
- ... finally they submerge completely with their heads in the mud!

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