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Girls in Mud Blu-Ray 010   
Price:   39.00USD
Item-No.:   mud-bluray-010
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Girls in Mud Blu-Ray 010

Girls in Mud Blu-Ray 010

1) Miss Jones - Mud of Doom 
Miss Caroline Jones is on a secret and dangerous quest.  Her mission leads her to "Mudistan" - a wild and deserted region famous for its dangerous mud holes. First she needs to cross a wild grassland and suddenly stumples in a muddy area. The mud here is soft but not deep. Her clothes get slightly muddy but she can pass this area with no further trouble. Next she has to climb a big sand dune and rolls down on the other side. On her further way she needs to cross a big mud lake. She finds a safe passage where the other side is not too far away. But nevertheless she has to cross and with her first step she almost sinks down into the mud up to her knees. She struggles. Her second step then let her sink in the mud waist deep. Now she is fighting hard to move forward. Who knows how deep this mud lake is? During her wild struggle she gets muddy all over. Caroline is fighting really hard and slowly the other side of the mud hole comes closer. She is completely muddy now - even her face! And the closer she comes the shore, the more exhausted she is. She can hardly move anymore. Will she make it? 


- torn shorts, blouse and corsage, black leather jacket and hat and black leather boots
- Miss Jones starts to get slowly muddy and then more and more ...

2) Mud Girl 
Juliane loved her first mud adventure (Muddy Jeans 2) so much, that she can hardly wait to play in the mud again. But first she holds back and take it easy. Her beautiful Buffalo boots get slowly muddy. Then she kneels down in a shallow mud puddle and rubs the mud slowly and playfully a bit on her red leather jacket, on her Miss Sixty Jeans and on her white top. She also "creams" the mud on her face and hair. But soon Juliane wants more and walks over to the big mud hole. In the deep mud she enjoys rolling around and pouring more and more mud on her skin, hair and clothes. She puts off the leather jacket and takes care that the mud really gets everywhere! Then Juliane finally submerges completely with her head in the mud ...


- Miss Sixty Jeans, red leather jacket, white top and Buffalo boots
- Juliane starts to get slowly muddy and then more and more ...
- ... finally she submerges completely with her head in the mud!

3) Mud Football 
Caroline and Dominique are in "American Football Fever" and passing some balls. Both wear american football tops, hotpants and sneakers. But the ball ends up in a nearby big mud hole. The girls try to get to the ball. The mud looks harmless in the beginning, but soon they discover how tricky it is. The mudhole is deep, viscous and gooey and it is hard to move in it. Finally getting the ball, Dominique and Caroline are all over muddy. Well, then, they just keep on passing some balls in the mud. And they start to fight a bit. Caroline and Dominique throw mud and smear it on each other. Then they wallow in the mud and are diving down with their heads until they are completley covered everywhere. In the end the girls crawl exhausted and gasping out of the mud and walks slowly to a nearby small pond to wash off a bit of the mud ...


- jeans and cotton hot pants, football tops, socks and sneakers
- Caroline and Dominique are playing a bit "American Football" and get slowly muddy ...
- ... finally they both dive completely with their head down in the mud!

4) Dressed up for Mud 
Anna is dressed up for her first mud experience today! She wears a white cotton dress, black leggings, black leather boots and lots of accessories. First she walks on a shallow mud surface, so that we can see her boots getting slowly muddy. Fascinated of the soft mud, she picks up some mud with ther hands and rubs it joyfully on her clothes. Anna lays down in the shallow mud to get more muddy allover. Then she slowly walks to another bigger and deeper mud hole. After a few steps here she is nearly waist-deep down in the mud and it's hard to move anymore. Laying flat in the mud helps and soon she is covered allover with soft gooey mud. Then she submerges completley in the mud - diving with her head down (several times).   


- black leggings, white cotton dress, black leather boots, handbag and jewelry
- Anna starts to get slowly muddy and then more and more ...
- ... finally she dives completely with her head down in the mud!

5) Mud Bath 2  
Lenka wears a blue jeans, yellow top and yellow sneakers (Chucks) and she is looking forward to her mud bath today! She steps into the big mud hole and is directly down to her knees in mud. Lenka washs herself with the mud over her arms and her top and kneels down, so that the mud is up to her waist. She is dying to feel the mud soon on her whole body. First Lenka tries to swim a bit and dunks her hair into the mud. Then she stands up again to admire the look of her completely muddy clothes now. Finally she dives down with her head completely -again and again. And from time to time Lenka stands up to see her clothes. Finally she walks through the mud to a sand hill on the other side, where we can watch her -muddy from tip to toe- how she rolls in the warm bright sand ...  


- blue jeans, yellow top and chucks
- Lenka starts to get slowly muddy and then more and more ...
- ... finally she dives completely with her head down in the mud!

6) Dirty Delight  
Dominique loves to get completley messed up for us. She wears a dark blue jeans, an orange top and nice new grey leather boots. First she is looking on the shallow slightly muddy surface for the right spot with a bit more mud. When she found a nice puddle, she kneels down and starts to play with the mud and smears it over her clothes. After her jeans is slightly muddy, she comes out of the puddle to pose for us in her messy clothes and walks over to a much deeper mud hole. Finally in the deep mud she really enjoys herself. She indulges in the mud like bathing in honey and milk. Slowly she also gently applies mud on her hair and face. And finally she submerges deep with her head into the mud. Not once, but several times. And she looks so beautiful completley muddy with only her bright blue eyes and her great smile emerging from under the mud. Unfortunately she has some problems coming out again of her big muddy bath tub and gets kind of stuck at the shore. The mud is really so deep and gooey here ... (P.S. At the end of the video Dominique walks over to a small lake to clean herself a bit ...)


- dark blue jeans, orange sweatshirt, grey leather boots and jewelry
- Dominique starts to get slowly muddy and then more and more ...
- ... finally she dives completely with her head down in the mud!

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