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Dangerous Playground   
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Dangerous Playground

Cute Xena Kai is stuck in mud

While playing in the forest, this cute Asian girl makes a great discovery. She finds a nice lonely mud hole far away from the crowded city she comes from. Delighted she says "Good thing that I wear my rubber boots, so I can play in the mud .... I wonder how deep this goes?". When Xena Kai lowers one of her feet with the Hunter Rubber Boots in the mud, she realizes "Oh, that's really deep!". Somehow this young women is magnetically attracted by this messy place. She grew up in the city, never heard about anybody stuck in mud, so she thinks "It looks like a lot of fun to go in there"... Well, we are not so sure if this is such a good idea though ;-)

It's her first experience with a mud hole like this. Out of playful curiosity Xena Kai decides to find out how deep the mud really is. So she slowly gets in this mud puddle. "Oh that feels so good and is so much fun" she enjoys to play in the mud and rubs it all over her body.

After a while Xena Kai notices that it's getting late and she needs to go home now. Well, she is trying to get out of the mud, but somehow she can't do it. This mud is capturing her lower body. First she's laughing a bit about the situation, not realizing that she is really stuck in mud. Her first attempts doesn't work out well... "This is harder than I expected."

The harder she is trying the more worried she gets about what's going on. Astonished she notices "Oh no !!! I can't pull myself out of here". At this point Xena Kai is trying even harder to get out! It exhausts that cute girl a lot, but out of fear she musters up enough energy to struggle even harder. "I keep sinking further in". Now she realizes that she is hopelessly stuck in mud. The more she tries to get out there, the deeper she sinks. This cute girl is so distressed and fearful trying everything to escape from this sticky peat hole.

"Oh no, I'm stuck. Somebody, please help me !!!" Xena Kai screams "Anyone ???".... but sadly no one hears her cries for help in that lonely forest. She is close to giving up now, she has no more power and will. The situation is just hopeless. "I've been stuck here forever" whiningly she says. All her efforts are useless and make the situation even worse and she is so worn out now.

But giving up and resigning while stuck in mud doesn't sound like a good plan. This should not be the end of her young life. So this beauty decides to give it a last try and put all her last energy into it. Wow, she is struggling so hard now, moaning and screaming. This girl is stuck in mud so bad. Full of adrenalin and fear now her whole body is trembling. Xena Kai fights with all the muscle power she has, to get free again. Her fingers are digging deep in the soil around that peat bog while trying to pull herself out. She breaths hard and is totally desperate by now. What a fight !!! Will she ever get out or is this her dramatic end being stuck in mud.... ???

Xena Kai wears Hunter Rubber Boots Xena Kai plays in a deep clay pit stuck in mud girl wears muddy Hunter Rubber Boots

13:40 Minutes

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